The Funeral

On Thursday, November 17, 1996, Idonna awoke and couldn’t hear mother breathing. She got the nurse and they went in to Mother. She had passed away some time after Donna went to sleep around midnight and when she woke up around l:00 a.m. Donna called, Marilyn and Chris who called the rest of the family. Marilyn, Chris, Joan, Dick and Steve met at Donna’s house where they called the mortuary. They came and talked to the family and took Mother.

The next afternoon, Marilyn, Donna, Joan and Julie went to the mortuary to dress Mother. It was a sweet experience to dress her in her new temple clothing.

On Monday in Utah, the family gathered. Kathy had previously arranged in Orem for her friends who own a funeral home, to receive mother and make arrangements there. Marilyn had previously written a eulogy in California knowing mother would be going soon, which Linda revised, and musical numbers were selected.

Tuesday, November 23rd, 1996, Klea Evans Worsley’s funeral was held in her chapel on 7th North in Provo which had been her ward for years and for which she had given years of service. There was a viewing with people wanting to come and talk to the family.

The chapel and cultural hall were packed with people to honor her and celebrate her life. Her four children read the eulogy interspersed with music Linda and Marilyn had either written or arranged sung by different combinations of the family. It was a beautiful celebration of a great woman’s life.

She was buried in the Provo Cemetery.