Temple City House

We had bought the Arcadia house with an acre and a half of ground for $ll,500 I think it was. Al decided that we needed another place and he found one on Live Oak Street in Temple City on 8 acres of ground not far from our home in Arcadia. It was a two story Colonial type house with a separate garage that had an apartment built onto it. There was a large orchard at the back behind a tennis court, rows of boysenberry bushes, and in general was a wonderfully priced property. But, I felt that with the precarious position we were in financially, that we should stay where we were, but Al insisted on buying it, so we sold the other house for much more that we had paid for it, and while the people weren’t out of the big house, we moved into the apartment by the garage and had much of our furniture stacked behind it with a tarp or something over it.

Al told me that he had paid all the gain we received from the Woodruff house in Arcadia on the Live Oak house in Temple City and I tried to enjoy it. I found out later that he had just kept the profit from the Woodruff house. By this time Donna and her husband, Ray, were divorced and she lived with us. We finally got into the house, but didn’t really have furniture that fit it or was even enough, but we had to get by with what we had.