Then that early spring, Al got transferred to California, so we planned on the move. Our car was an old wreck of a Plymouth or something like that. Al went to California and I got everything ready to move. They were moving us since they were a trucking company, so I decided to take everything. I remember that I had some geranium plants and I planned on taking them and everyone laughed at me because they said they grew as tall as the eves of a house in California and practically grew wild. I really couldn’t believe them but didn’t take my plants and I found they were right. It was pretty rough being so sick and having to pack up everything and I really didn’t trust that wreck of a car. My Dad knew that I was worried so he said he would go with me to St. George where Al was going to meet us. So the truck came and got the furniture and we got in the car and started out. It made it to St. George where Al met us and then Dad got on the bus and went back.