Steve and Cheryl Adopt

Steve and Cheryl were going through all the paperwork to get permission from our government to go to Romania and adopt two baby boys. One of Cheryl’s sisters got the information about it and decided to go so three more of them decided to go and adopt also; Karen, Deanne, Lanae, David and Cheryl. It took months to get all the paperwork done and finally I flew down to stay with the children while they took off along with about fifty boxes of baby clothes, quilts, etc. I sent one huge box of sleepers, etc to them earlier and then took another huge box down with me and many relatives sent clothes and baby quilts for the hospitals and orphanages in Romania. Their airline, Lufthansa Airlines took all the free and also about 50 boxes that her sister Karen took a week later when she went to get two babies.

The next day we saw them off at LAX and so began their big adventure in Romania. They had people who helped them both before they went over and then when they got there. They were in Bucharest. The living conditions were terrible and the four sisters and three husbands were lucky to get an apartment where they were given two meals a day and all couples jammed into two rooms. They also had helpful drivers and interpreters. They loved the people of Romania and said that when the Church is allowed to register as a church….when they get about 20 members I think it is…that people will join by the dozens.

Tow of the sisters went a few days before Steve and Cheryl and they called home and told them they had found a darling six month old boy who was blond, blue eyes and looked just like Wendy. Sure enough when they got there, they decided to get him. Then they found a young girl who wasn’t married and had a baby that she couldn’t care for so she said they could have him. But, when the day finally arrived for them to go to the government Tribunal to get the babies signed over to them, the girl didn’t show up and that night she came and got the baby and said she was going to find the father and if he would marry her, she would keep the baby. If he wouldn’t, then she would bring it back, but they never saw her again so evidently she found him and they got married.

Then Cheryl had to start out to find another baby. She and the driver started out for another hospital and there they found a young girl who was there to have her baby and she wanted Cheryl to have it. And luckily it turned out to be a boy, so she got him when he was newborn. But she still had some problems with the first baby. I forgot to mention that the husbands had to return to their businesses after about nine days, so Donna and I met Steve at the airport and he told us about their experiences and I could have listened for hours, but I staying at the airport and catching a plane for home that evening.

Cheryl was still in Romania and finally got the second baby signed, sealed and delivered from the government and then had to get visa’s etc., but she finally accomplished this so on about the 15th of December, I went to California to stay while Steve went to Frankfort to meet Cheryl and surprise her and help bring the babies home. They arrived at LAX on December 18th. Marilyn made a big sign that said, ’Welcome home Grandpa and Grandma Worsley; and we put it on the railing at the airport where they would come around the corner from getting off the plane. Meantime, Michelle had her baby on the 17th, a 10 pound 2 oz boy named Austin.