Sounds of Freedom Reunion

A couple of years ago at Homecoming, we had a reunion of the Sounds of Freedom. Two girls who live in Salt Lake and I engineered the whole thing and it was wonderful. One girl even came from Saudi Arabia, and they came from coast to coast. Not everyone was there by a long shot, of course, but those that did had a ball and so did I. We had a dinner in the Wilkinson Center to start the evening and then a large group who live here in the Washatch Front had gotten together and rehearsed a lot of the old songs from the shows–right from the beginning and they were wonderful. They sang even better than they had during the time they were doing shows. Also, it seemed that all the girls (most of them) were still slender and even more beautiful. And the fellows–well, some of them had lost some hair and had a little paunch, but they looked wonderful. We all went together after the program to the Marriott Center to see Spectacular, the big show the University Touring groups and entertainers put on each year at Homecoming. The next morning we had a meeting in the newly restored Maeser Building and Randy Boothe talked. Then we had a testimony meeting. The whole even was enjoyed so much, they want to have another in a few years.