Songfest at BYU

While Linda was at BYU, she and Marilyn joined Nautilus while Joan joined Alcyone. These clubs were equivalent to Sororities on campus called Social Units. Each year the guy and girl Social Units would hold ‘Song Fest” in the Spring where original songs written by a member of the Social Unit would be sung by that Unit. Linda wrote Nautilus’ song called ‘Michelle’ and it won first place and no wonder because it was much above any of the other songs. Later in her Senior year wrote ‘Willow, Willow’ and ‘Talking Bird’ for her music composition class. The teacher suggested Linda combine those three songs as a trilogy and submit it to the National Women’s Federated Music Clubs competition and it won. She got a $500 prize, but we didn’t have the money for her to go back East to the ceremony to receive it. They sent the check.

A few years later, Marilyn conducted Nautilus in another Songfest with a lesser song someone in the group wrote and they placed 2nd.