My Career at Brigham Young University

Counseling Service

Long before graduation I had put my application for being hired in the Counseling Service and I was assured I would be. Meantime, the secretary to Dean Lloyd, Dean of Students, finally decided to get married and he was on the spot for a secretary. Knowing how I had worked for Dean deJong, he called and asked me if I wouldn’t come and work for him until school started and I was on the faculty in the Fall. It was a Godsend for me, who always was desperate for money.

My office was in the new Administration beside that of Dean Cameron, Dean of Students. I was hired as Counselor for Women but since by now there were other women counselors in the Counseling Service, my job really wasn’t that important, but I was always very busy. However, about then the University began building the Wilkinson Center. This was in the early 60’s.

I worked very hard for him because he had a heavy work load not only of University business, but he was doing the family reunion of the Parkinson family (his relatives) and I did all that and a dozen other things not connected with the University. But, he was a very thoughtful boss and appreciated me coming in to work, so we got along fine but days and weeks went by and I had not been confirmed as being hired. As often as I thought possible I would ask him about it, and each time he would seem flabbergasted that it hadn’t taken place. Finally it was nearly Fall and the pre-school conferences were beginning.

Of course, I had worked with everyone in the Counseling Service and they were also all waiting for word of my appointment. I was told to go ahead and go to all the pre-school meetings, etc., and I sort of felt unsure of myself since I had no contract. But wonder of wonders, one day it came through and I was a full fledged counselor along with my friends.

So began another phase of my life as a full fledged member of the staff. Dean Lloyd got another secretary and I began my work with the great (and sometimes disturbed) young people at the Y. But, it was a great job and I loved it. I didn’t always feel I had been successful in working with students who were really disturbed, but usually if I felt they needed more expert help, I would refer them to our part time psychiatrist on the staff, who was a wonderful man and a good friend to me.