Marilyn’s House, 1977

Marilyn and Chris decided to take two walls off of their north-west bedroom and bring the house back to their garage-guest house. They built on a 23 by 36 foot family room and Library. The work went slowly on the house, but it is going forward. Ninety-one yards of carpeting was delivered before I left. A man is coming to put in the ducts for heating and air conditioning and then the electrician can come and finish up. They can then get inspection and put up the wallboard. They will then feel they are really making progress. We used the fireplace in the family room a lot while there. First because they need to burn up the shingles from the roof of the old part which are a fire hazard in the stack by the house and secondly because there was not heat in the room but the fireplace put out a lot of heat. The hearth and mantle part aren’t done, but it works very well.