June 22, 1985

Began my retirement, but found myself more busy than I had ever been in my life. My house was no cleaner. My yard jut as unorganized by somehow I got involved in so many things that my days went by like lightning and I seemed busy all the time.

What else is happening in our world? Nothing too drastic.

Since returning I have been busy working in the garden, which is flourishing and the raspberries are beginning to ripen, but there is nothing drastic or exciting happened that is worth putting in my journal, so I’ll go back and try to finish writing and continue with the last twenty years or so.

Changes in the Church

The Church has come in for some criticism in many areas, but continues to grow by leaps and bounds and seems to weather whatever comes along and just continues to grow.

In my lifetime the church has gone from a Utah centralized Church to a worldwide organization.

I remember so many of the Presidents of the Church, one of whom was my Stake President in the Pasadena Stake. He was President Howard W. Hunter.

We used to have Sunday School in the morning and then Sacrament meeting late in the

afternoon on Sunday. Primary was held on a week day afternoon and Mutual on a week night. When the change came, they instituted the ‘Block Program’ where you meet for a three hour block of time on Sunday usually with Sacrament meeting first; Sunday School second and Priesthood, Relief Society and other auxiliaries meeting last; though some wards reverse the order of these meetings.

Many, many changes such as the blacks being admitted to full fellowship and great Church growth in Africa and now that the USSR has broken back into small countries, the work is flourishing there.

The under garments were changed into two pieces, tops and bottoms, for easier fits and wearing.


Church Positions

The following are positions I’ve held in the Church. Some positions I held more than once.


  • Primary: Teacher and President
  • Mutual: Roadshow Specialist, President
  • Relief Society: Pianist, Teacher, Counselor, President
  • Music: Organist, Chorister, Choir Director


  • Mutual: Stake Roadshow Specialist, Stake Roadshow Director for General Conference Roadshow, President

General Church

  • Mutual: Member of the Drama Committee for the General Board of the Church.