Holy Land, Second Trip, 1989

The first part of 1989 wasn’t too spectacular until Donna and I went to the Holy Land for a second time about the middle of April to the first of May. We went with old-time friends of mine who were on the BYU tour that we took several years ago and since then, they have taken about 25 of their own as guides. They did live in my stake until they were divided off, but I have worked with her husband on several projects over the years. They are Lou and Mabel Crandall. It was a great tour and the Crandalls couldn’t have been better tour directors. They did everything to make us comfortable and have a good time. There were thirty of us on the tour and somehow we got the name “The Dirty Thirty,” and what a choice group. Not one complainer, griper, sickie and we all got along wonderfully well. A complete report of the tour is in my files.

When I got home from the Holy Land, it was to the yard with a vengeance to get my garden going and try to get the inevitable grass from everywhere it shouldn’t be. During the summer I had quite a bit of company.