Fall, 1989

The Fall of 1989 was a very stressful one for me, but a good one in some ways. On September 25, I finally returned home from California. Kathy had been expecting her fourth baby any day for a week, but Marilyn didn’t want to drive up before the baby was here, but we finally came because the baby was days and days overdue and we knew that the doctor would take her if she didn’t come on her own. We got there and heard that Kathy we in the hospital so Marilyn rushed out to Orem and got to see the baby born, as did Mike’s Mother, Maxine. She is a darling and beautiful and she is named Elise.

Much of the rest of Fall was spent in getting the Christmas Program ready for the Tabernacle the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was a great success but I wasn’t here to see it. Doug and Kristine Larsen were married in the Washington Temple in Seattle. I had planned to go with the grandchildren from here and then Kathy and family and Mark and I were coming back for a week and then go down to the reception the Friday after Thanksgiving in The Grand. About three days before we were to go, I got a terrible sore throat and the doctor put me on medication. I kept thinking I would wake up the morning we were to leave and call and tell them I was packing my suitcase, but when the morning came I was still sick as the proverbial dog, and while I got over it enough to go to the reception in California or the weekend, with Mark. Kathy was already down there having gone to Arcadia from Seattle with her folks and Mike flew down later and drove back with them.

My sore throat came back as we were packing the car to come back to Provo and that happened about two more times before I finally got rid of it. Then came the preparation for Christmas, decorating my house to the ‘nth’ degree since Joan and family and Donna were coming, and here the rest of the family were here also. That’s about it for 1989.