Fall, 1952

Come Fall, we all returned to school. This was 1952, I think. Marilyn must have been in her last year of high school and taking vocal lessons from the music teacher at Provo High named Able John Peterson. Her voice was improving weekly and he evidently was an excellent teacher. Joan and Linda were continuing their classes toward graduation. Joan had completed retaking the classes she had failed and decided to major in elementary education. She graduated in this and more about that later.

I think it was this year that the girls entered the quartet-trio contest on Campus at Homecoming. Since Marilyn would be a student the next year, they let the girls compete with her. She had been singing and tour with them and doing everything but attending BYU and I think she even then felt much more loyalty to the University than to Provo High which at the time was on Center Street and 2nd West. (Marilyn: I was also dating nothing but college guys since they all thought I was going to BYU.) Every winter both she and Joan had that long walk to the high school in the freezing weather and looking back, I don’t remember that they complained very much, but I was concerned about it all the time. The girls had to have new dresses for this Homecoming event so we went downtown and bought material and a pattern and all of us set to sewing them, but in between work and school and other things, when the time came the hems weren’t in and other things finished, so we quickly basted things together and they put them on and went to the program and did very well. I think they took 2nd place.