Divorce, 1961

Al decided he wanted to remarry and was dating Alberta Amstein at the time. He served divorce papers. I tried several times for a reconciliation, but decided not to fight it any longer.

This man from California, who was mad at Al for some business deal, called me one day and said Al had told him he was going to see that I didn’t get anything. And, he thought I’d better get down to California and get my share of whatever he had. I found a good lawyer in California and went down. I asked to see all of Al’s business dealings and his books which took me hours and hours to go through. I pulled out a lot of bills Al had which were things he’d charged on his credit card to give to Alberta and her two girls and also to fix her house. I found this appalling when his own children had needs. The bills I said I wouldn’t share in paying. The divorce went through and Al married shortly thereafter.

(This is a piece of Mother’s writing in 1961.)

Still teaching the Cultural Refinement lessons in Relief Society and still with the Women’s Division of the Chamber of Commerce and also the Hand-shakers.

I grew a garden this summer, but some things didn’t do as well as I would have wished and I’m going to sort of trade spots with certain vegetable around next summer. Also, I’m going to dig out about half my raspberries because I found this summer that I can go pick wonderful Fall berries at the BYU farm south of Spanish Fork. Edna and I went out and also Kathy and I, and I even called Wanda and Lamont in Salt Lake one day and they came down and picked and were thrilled at getting the raspberries. My mouth waters now to think of how good they were. They were 80 cents per pound, but the day Wanda and Lamont came down they were having a Conference Special and they were 60 center per pound. It isn’t worth it to prune, water and work so hard to raise them at my yard for that price.