Christmas Letter, 1993

Dear Friends and Loved Ones:

WHAT A YEAR!!! Good, back and indifferent. But, very little of the latter. First, shortly after writing and mailing my Christmas letter for 1992, I left for California to spend the Holidays with my families there, who all live within either tent or fifteen minutes of each other.

My sister, Donna, met me at the door and said, “We’re going to have fun, fun, fun.” Little did she know.

At three a.m. the next morning I woke up with a bad pain in my stomach which continued all day. She finally took me to the emergency hospital nearby and there began several days of tests and X-rays, and more tests. I was sick in more ways than one. Mostly because I had never even had my tonsils out and an operation wasn’t in my life plan. But it happened a few days after Christmas because of an obstruction in my intestines. And to make a long story short, after the surgery and another week in the hospital, I went to Donna’s to recuperate, and she was a marvelous nurse. I was told it would take a year to recover, but three weeks after I finally arrived home, I was back at the old hectic life of interesting and rewarding things to do. Amazing!

It has been the usual busy year with time off the end of April and the first 16 days in May when Donna and I traipsed off to Europe AGAIN! This time we decided to see several things we had never seen before and go several places we especially liked that we had only seen once like the Matterhorn, Mt. Blanc, etc. We flew into Munich and after picking up our rental car, we began our usual sightseeing tours from Oberammagau, which is one of our favorite villages. Other than finding some beautiful cathedrals we had never seen before and doing two sessions in the Swiss Temple, we spent time enjoying some of the usual tourist haunts. And since both of us love Switzerland, we spent more time there and three more sessions at the temple.

After Berlin, we tried to find the new temple in Frieberg and spent one whole night trying to get there only to find it was closed. From there we drove through beautiful Czech and Slovakia and loved it. Another week and another set o good memories and we flew home

I didn’t mention my family but they are all fine and happy.

Since then nothing too exciting has happened, but I’m so thankful for my good health, and that I’m still here and enjoying sending greetings to all of you at this blessed time. It is always good to hear from so many of you at Christmas, and I wish you joy and good health. Remember…YOU ARE LOVED, Klea