Christmas Letter, 1992

Dear Friends and Love Ones everywhere:

This will not be a long epistle this year because there have been no exciting trips to faraway places for me. In fact, at the end of the summer someone asked me what exciting things I had done during the summer and I replied, “Well, I went to Salt Lake and back once.”

Nevertheless, it has been a good year, and I’m still glad to be alive, and healthy and busy. And it has been a busy year. Community activiti8es, welcoming a new great-granddaughter, having my son come from California to make an extension to the garages which he immediately named “THE STEVEN A. WORSLEY MEMORIAL GOURMET PATIO.” We’ve had some great family parties there.

Because no one else would take the job of chairman, I jumped in for the 6th year, and with the help of a marvelous committee, we put on the best community Christmas program in the tabernacle yet. We called it ‘HAVE A DICKENS OF A CHRISTMAS.” Dickens himself, came back to introduce the various traditions that make up Christmas.

The morning after this program (November 27th) most of my family left at 7:00 a.m. for the Manti Temple for the wedding of my granddaughter Julie Christensen (Marilyn and Chris’ daughter) This was an emotional filled day.

And so my life continues on, with daily blessings and challenges. This coming Sunday I will give my lesson in Relief Society in achieving inner peace. In this world full of wrong things happening, much turmoil, wars, world hunger and more, my prayer for each of you loved one at this blessed Season, is that you might have PEACE, HAPPINESS, AND MANY JOYS during the Holidays. With love, Klea