Christmas Letter, 1991

Dear loved ones everywhere:

Can anyone tell me what happened to 1991? It was a busy, happy, exciting, and sometimes frustrating year for me. The winter months went along rather smoothly except that a new great grandson for me was added to the Lari and David Cabanilla family on March 8. Marc joined the triplets so now they have two boys and two girls. Meantime Steve and Cheryl’s daughter, Michelle had her baby on December 17th last year just after my Christmas letter was written. At the time Cheryl was on the plane from Romania bringing their two new sons home. Michelle welcomed their baby son, who started growing the minute he was born and is still at it. All the babies are doing wonderfully well, and enriching out lives every day.

Well, if the Winter months were calm, it all ended about April18th. Provo City announced that all curbs on 7th North would be painted red on May 1, so I needed parking for the four boys in the basement. Son, Steve, came up and ‘whomp’ went my garage, ‘whomp’ went the carport. Saws did away with my lovely trees behind the garage. My woodpile took up abode elsewhere in the yard as did my compost heap. Three fourth of my backyard had turned into a horrendous mound of dirt, dement blocks and other debris. Then we had problems with the City, so my junk remained, and every time I went to the back door the shock was still there. However, problems were solved and I have parking places and a find double garage.

My busy schedule goes on with community work, a Church job, ad infinitum. Then in October came a chance to join a tour to China and I couldn’t resist. On November 13th, my sister, Donna, and three cousins, joined the 15 others at LAX and we had a wonderful time. Even though we mostly went where we had gone 10 years ago, we saw many new places. Though there is still much poverty and filth in China, we felt they had made progress since we were there. I even climbed the Great Wall, saw them still working on the Terra Cotta Warriors in Sian, as well at the lovely boat trip down the Li River gazing at the peaked mountains and much more.

I arrived back in Provo on November 27th, and the next day had 27 family members for Thanksgiving dinner. All my family were here, but Joan and Linda and ‘a good time was had by all.’

The house is finally decorated, gifts wrapped, my great-grandchildren here are a constant joy and I can’t believe that AT MY AGE I’m going strong and thankful for every lovely day.’

I love this time of year when we can stop in our usual busy schedule to remember the birth of our Savior and his love for us. I hope it will be a joyous time for each of you. Love Klea