Christmas Letter, 1989

Dear Loved Ones, far and near:

A Happy Holiday to each of you. May you have good health, happiness, no overspending and a few moments of calm.

This year I guess I am most thankful for the fact that on December 24, I will be 80 years old and still here. (No I can’t believe it either.) Not only am I here, but in good health, working my head off as usual and having a wonderful time.

One of the exciting things of this year is the situation in Europe. The ‘Berlin Wall’ coming down and so many countries seemingly turning from Communism. In spite of all the ills of the world, it is still an exciting time to be alive.

My high light of this year was a trip to Israel and Egypt with a tour of 30 wonderful people. The tour guides were good friends of mine here in Provo. If any of you are looking for an excellent trip to the Holy Land, I can recommend them heartily. We went many places we didn’t see on our last trip there with a BYU tour. There is a special spirit that surrounds Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Nazareth. And that beautiful calm Sea of Galilee is breathtaking.

Other than that, my life has been filled with the usual activities. I’m still on the Board of the Women’s Division of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Provo Arts council Board. I was in charge of the usual Christmas program the day after Thanksgiving in the Provo Tabernacle, but wasn’t there for the performance. Marilyn and Chris’ son, Douglas, married a wonderful girl, Kristine, from Vancouver, Canada on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and I had planned to go to Seattle to their temple wedding there and the rest of the rest of the activities, but got sick and was in bed for a week, but did get to California for the beautiful reception there. But on the way back to Provo got the sore throat again and again, but am now on the mend. I’m late for everything for Christmas but I’m carrying on.

My family is plugging along. The triplets are walking all over and beginning to talk. And joy to have close and see them almost every day. Kathy had my 9th great grandchild a couple of months ago and fortunately for me they are still in Orem.

Steve’s Michelle got married on January 4th to a fine young man who happens to be the son of one of Steve’s old school friends.

Linda is still writing music. Joan is still trying to keep up with their nine boys and teaching exceptional children which is a real challenge. Marilyn played the role of Golde in Fiddler on the Roof for three months. In between she is still riding herd on Steve’s office, most of the time doing double duty. Steve is going out of his mind with the pressures of his catering business which is growing and growing.

I haven’t mentioned one of the happening of our year which many of you already know about. (Marilyn: Mother proceeded to tell about Cheryl’s accident which was previously told about in her history, so I cut that part. She ended with:)

But we are thankful that she is alive and doing as well as she is. I didn’t mean to go on for two pages, but you know how my life goes on a-pace.

There is much for me to be thankful for this Christmas and my wish is that our lives may go on in peace and a big helping of happiness and contentment this Holiday Season.

MERRY CHRISTMAS. With love, Klea

One of my good friends, Jean Gunn, who had suffered with cancer for years, died a couple of days before Christmas and her viewing was the day after. I had thought Cheryl wasn’t going home for a couple of days, but it developed that she too had to leave the day after Christmas. They were working to get ready to leave and I dashed up to the viewing for a few seconds and talked to the family, then dashed home and we took off for California.