Christmas Letter, 1987

Dear Loved One everywhere:

I can’t believe that it is another Holiday Season galloping toward us. I had decided that if I went to California for Christmas this year I wouldn’t decorate one inch of my house, and it still in doubt whether I go or stay, but there sat all the decorations in the attic almost screaming to be taken down and set up. So, I’m at it again. In the process a box containing last year’s cards and Christmas letters was downstairs, and I felt the warm feelings again of hearing from so many of you.

This has been another good year for me, but saddened only by the loss of many dear friends. But, at my advanced age, this is inevitable and they are now away from this mess called the Contra Affair, problems in the Far East, earthquakes, a falling stock market and may other unpleasant happenings. Still, life is good and I have many things to e thankful for. We added no new grandchildren to the family, but had a beautiful wedding which brought a new grandson-in-law when Steve and Cheryl’s Janna married Quinn Kofford. Both are here at the Y along with a ‘gaggle’ of other grandchildren. There will be two new great-grandchildren next year since Marilyn’s daughter, Kathy, is expecting on New Year’s Day and Joan’s David and his wife Lari, are expecting in July. I will welcome both with joy.

There is another trip to write about this year. In May, my sister Donna and I took three cousins, two of their husbands and their Mother, our Aunt Dove, to Europe, making eight of us in all. We rented a ford nine passenger van and it turned out to be diesel, and we went for miles on a gallon of gas. We went to all the usual places that Donna and I love. As I sat in my beloved Venice, Alps, Florence, London, I told myself that nine times was enough for anyone to visit those beautiful places and that I wouldn’t go again. However, I’m not making any promises because as I look at the video tapes that the fellows took everywhere we went, the old urge to go back comes on strong.

And classes at the Y have been on my agenda this past year. Beginning in January I took a playwriting class and loved it. Another professor wants me to attend his class next semester and I am sorely tempted. I’ll never be another Arthur Miller, but it is much fun to be with the young students and hear their writing efforts and let them criticize mine. Also, I’m taking an oil painting class where I am a complete failure, but keep trying and am learning about what makes good art and that is a great satisfaction.

After at least ten years on the Board of the Women’s Division of the Chamber of Commerce, I’m resigning, but will concentrate on my work with the Board of the Provo Arts Council. Still teaching Relief Society, and along with gardening in the summer, and all my other regular activities, no day is long enough to do all I have planned.

My family is all well and busy. Linda moved to Arcadia, California two or three months ago, so now three of my children live within walking distance of each other and Joan is just 15 minutes away on the freeway. Marilyn is doing the lead in 42nd street at the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium in February. Joan is teaching special education and is back in school working on her master’s. She is learning, as I did, what it’s like to go back to school after having a family. Steve is going great guns with his catering business, and I am thankful for all of them, their families, and good lives.

I hope that this blessed Holiday Season finds you in good health, good spirits, and all the wealth you really need. I wish you joy. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Klea