Christmas Letter, 1986

Dear Ones, far and near:

The blessed Christmas Season is beginning once more and it is time to wish all of your Happy Holidays and to hope you are blessed with good health, a cheerful spirit, the energy for shopping, wrapping, cooking special hugs, and much laughter.

This has been a special year for me. Not because of an exotic trip to the Orient or other faraway places, because other than making the usual trips to California and one to New Jersey, I’ve pretty much stuck to the ‘old homestead,’ but it has been a most rewarding year.

First, in July we had the first family reunion ever to honor my maternal grandparents. I started the ball rolling and with the help o many of the family we had a wonderful time. Relatives came from the East and West coasts and many of the states in between. We held the reunion up at Timp Lodge above Sundance resort in the beautiful mountains behind Mt. Timpanogos. In all, nearly a hundred people were there at one time or another during the three days. It was worth every effort I put into it, ten times over.

The other special event in my year was another reunion at Homecoming time when we gathered together former members of the singing group THE SOUNDS OF FREEDOM, which I worked with from 1966 to 1976, off and on. During that time, I took 14 of the group to the Orient in 1970, and otherwise we traveled the length and breadth of the U.S. many times. The group members came from all over the U.S. and one girl came from Saudi Arabia. There were many happy memories re-lived, some tears of happiness, much laughter and the love the group always had for each other was renewed instantaneously. Many of the group live here on the Washatch Front and they got together and rehearsed a program of numbers the group had done in the past, and I was amazed at how good they sounded. Sunday morning we had a ‘morning-side’ at which Randy Boothe was the speaker, telling of so many miracles that have happened as he has taken the Young Ambassadors around the world, followed by testimonies of many of the group. It was a very special time for all of us.

Otherwise, I have been my usual busy self, still working with the Women’s Division of the Chamber of Commerce, teaching in Relief Society, growing a garden and in between enjoying visit from my family, along with my visits to California and New Jersey to be with them. Recently I was asked to be on the new Provo Arts Council, headed by a very vigorous young lawyer here, and former member of the Sounds of Freedom. I can see it all now. I’m going to drive them (the council members) crazy with my brain storming ideas about the many things we can do with this city full of creative and talented people and great facilities.

As for my family, a short update. Linda is still in New Jersey working for Silver-Burdette Publishing Company and very busy putting out the 6th grade music book for the schools, still writing beautiful music 5 numbers of which she and my entire family recorded in a professional studio in Hollywood), and she somehow finds time to care for her family. Joan and Dick are still in Glendora where they keep busy in their spare time remodeling room after room of their home. A darling new daughter-in-law joined their family last Spring. Two of the boys are here at the Y and the others in school at home. Marilyn is still office manager for my son Steve’s huge catering business, where is doing a great job, along with writing music, leading the ward choir, and doing more than about ten people all at once. Julie is teaching music in a private school, Mark is still on his mission in Ecuador, and Doug is returning to the Y this January. Kathy and family live in Orem and they added a darling baby girl to their family in February. Steve bought a reception center next to his offices and kitchen and also bought and has made a beautiful reception center in Glendora. Sheryl does a beautiful job on the flowers and cakes besides caring for the five girls at home who are in school. Their oldest, Jana, is here at the Y and will be married soon.

I’m out of space and am determined to make this just one page, so will stop with wishes for Happy Holidays for all of you and may the coming year be all you would wish. Love, Klea