Christmas Letter, 1978

Dear Ones:

Each year the world turns fast and faster and her it is the Holiday Season again. On December 10th, I fly to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to be with my oldest daughter’s children while she flies to Europe to meet her husband. They are taking a two week holiday to visit good friends in Kenya, South Africa. On the 21st after their return I fly to California where my family there and myself are going to San Diego to see our football team play in the Holiday Bowl. So I’ll stay and spend Christmas with the families there. My son, Steve, says that they will leave California in the motor home and come to Provo for New Years.

Well, that’s a sample of my usual itinerary. Ah! To be retired and live a nice peaceful, quiet life. But, I wouldn’t know about that because I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve never been so busy in my life. But, life is still exciting for me and I wouldn’t change it.

The first part of last year was rather unexciting for me. I am continuing to direct the singing group called the Miss Utah Revue which I have been doing for a year and a half now. And if you want a tale of frustration and problems I can recite them. But I won’t. They are great your people and I enjoy working with them.

Last year I taught the Homemaking lesson in Relief Society and loved it and got acquainted with my ward and felt I belonged there after about fifteen years. I really had a ball teaching that class, but all good things must end, they say, and this year they asked me to be the Homemaking Counselor. I soon found that this is nearly a full time job. But, I’m enjoying a completely new experience.

And travel is still in my plans. Las May, my sister, Donna, and I flew to London. Linda and family were there for a year’s stay so it was a good excuse to go to Europe. We went from London to the continent and for the first time had Eurail passes and we both would recommend them highly to anyone who wants inexpensive transportation. They are first class tickets and it is amazing how quickly and comfortably you can cover territory. We loved the trains.

We visited the breathtaking Kukenhof Gardens near Haarlem, Holland. The tulips and other vegetation was beyond description. Then to Portugal, Southern Spain, where we especially enjoyed the Alhambra at Granada; then around the Mediterranean to Italy and across Switzerland to Berne where we attended two sessions in the Temple at Zollizoffen. The next stop was Copenhagen and a quick trip to Sweden. We were not too impressed with either place and wished we had had more time to spend in our beloved Alps. A quick trip back to London and to Ireland and Wales. Can’t wait for another excuse to go back.

My family is all well and flourishing. Cheryl and Steve will have a new arrival in February. They are now the only ones in the family keeping up the statistics on grandchildren. Marilyn and Chris will have their second daughter, Julie, at the Y next year along with Kathy. Joan and Dick are working every spare moment on their home. Their boys are going like the proverbial weeds. Linda is still writing music for Hal Leonard Publishing Company and they publish everything she sends them. Richard at the moment is in Europe doing guest conducting and still has the Cedar Rapids Symphony.

Well, my days are spent with Relief Society, the singing group and trips to California. I’m so thankful for all I have and for exceptionally good health, good friends and a thoughtful, loving family.

May your holidays be Merry and Bright. Love, Klea