BYU Faculty Assemblies

I don’t know how I got started, but I was in charge of seeing that the student assemblies were put on. Good grief…if we didn’t have some rough times. We would put a student in charge of each assembly. Most of the assemblies were pretty good. A few were lousy.

We also had a Faculty Assembly each year. I can’t remember how they got started, but it was while I was adviser to the Culture Office and somehow it was decided that the Faculty would do the last assembly of the year. Assemblies are a thing of the past now, but were popular every week at the Fieldhouse, usually done by the various campus groups of Students. This would relieve the students from having to put on an assembly just before finals. We also made these extremely funny and poked fun at ourselves and the students loved them. The Fieldhouse would be just jammed with students. One year we had one to do with Heaven and Hell and President Wilkinson came in carrying a brief case. The rest of the faculty voted to send him to hell. The place went wild.