In December 1994, I discovered a lump on my breast. I went to the doctor and they did a biopsy. It was cancerous. The oncology doctor decided to give me chemotherapy first. Then they did a mastectomy. Afterward followed radiation treatments in the area. All of this took around 6 months to complete. It wasn’t until late summer into Fall that my hair started to come in. The chemotherapy made me very weak and food didn’t taste good. The family kept track of me to try and get me to eat more. After a while the chemicals wore off, I did start feeling better and getting strength back.

During this time I started having pains in my chest and had an angiogram and it was found that many of my veins are clogged, so I take ‘nitro’ pills for the pain. But, with this darn cancer, they don’t want to put me through heavy surgery in my weakened condition.