Today is February 16th and we have had almost no snow in the valley, and exceptionally warm weather for January and February, but we are told that there is a good supply in the mountains that will do us for next summer.

The next time I begin writing about 1994, it will be after my next wonderful trip. Donna sent me a brochure about going to Russia and said that she was taking me beginning on April 30 and ending on May 22. It sounds wonderful.

Russia Trip

I briefly mentioned that after staying all through Europe in 1993 that this was my last overseas trip, early in the summer, I received a brochure about a trip to Russia and a note from Donna saying she was going to take me to Russia. I was delighted and we did it.

We left the end of April, I flew to California and we took off from LAX. I could have flown from Salt Lake to New York and met Donna there to take the plane to London, but she didn’t want to fly to New York alone so I went to California. The trip to London was fine except we were on British Airways, and it was the most crowded I have ever been on an overseas trip. I even got sick to my stomach during the night and got up and climbed over a gal on the aisle and said I was sick. She went to the back of the restrooms with me and found a chair that pulled out and I sat on it. She asked if there was anything I could drink and she got me a 7-Up. It helped and I was soon fine and back in my seat.

We were in London overnight, and I must mention here that our cousins Betty Lou and Ted DeRoaier called us earlier and said that the tour they intended to the Holy Land had been cancelled so Donna told them about our tour. They got on our tour along with cousin Janette, which made it even more fun for us. The five of us decided we wanted fish and chips for dinner and go sightseeing in London even though it was night. We had a great time.

The next day a bus took us to Harwich, England. We boarded the ’luxury liner’ which was anything but. It took us to a big city in North Germany and then to Copenhagen, Denmark. We spent a couple of days. This tour had many extra events and things to see that cost extra and one of them was Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

I think the cost of dinner and seeing beautiful Tivoli was about $40. It wasn’t far from our hotel and we said we could walk it which we did. It was less expensive than what the tour was charging. The World Soccer games were going on and all the way to Tivoli there were thousands of players and noisy friends. We almost had to push our way through the throngs of singing and roistering people in the streets. Great Fun. After seeing all the shows at Tivoli while eating fish and chips, we walk back to the hotel. The next two days we went on tours all over Denmark.