It is now March 29, 1979 and it has been almost two years since I have written anything on my history. As I re-read the last few pages I can see why I have hesitated to get back to it because it begins one of the saddest times in my life and one of the most hard physically and emotionally. On the other hand, it was the start of a whole new life for me and one that turned out to be a tremendous experience with more than I ever dreamed possible, so read on folks.

At this point I might mention that I am now in the presidency of the Relief Society in my ward, Homemaking Counselor and enjoying it very much. For one thing I am acquainted in my ward and at last feel a part of it, and have found that we have many wonderful people in the ward all of whom are friendly and caring. I knew that it was my fault, before, because I had no job in the ward and was gone so much that I didn’t have a chance to get acquainted.

Since writing before, we had had two darling little girls join Steve and Cheryl’s family which makes 5 girls in all. Hopefully Cheryl says she is going to have more and it would be wonderful for them to have a boy even though their girls are darling.

Inflation is still spiraling, and what make is hard for those of us on fixed incomes, but so far, with being careful I’m doing fine financially. We have had a request to sign oil leases on our land in Colorado and they will put down a well within the next 18 months, when the lease will expire if we sign it. Speaking of signing things, Egypt and Israel have just signed a peace treaty and we hope that it will lead to peace between those two countries. President Carter’s popularity has taken a jump because he went to Israel and got the two leaders to agree to the treaty and we felt it was almost a miracle that they would go that far, but his image still isn’t good enough that most ’experts’ believe he would not have a chance if he ran for re-election in 1980.

We had a very bad winter in Utah and the mid-west and East had a terrible one…much worse than ours. But, Spring is here in spite of rain and snow down below the Y mountain.