March 22, 1977. A beautiful Spring day. The temperature is going to about 70 today. We have had no more storms for several days, but they say we may get some Thursday. When I came back from California the last of February, Timpanogas was completely without snow but now it is covered, but not nearly so heavy as usual. We will be short of water this summer, but not so bad off as many areas of the region. Indira Ghandi has announced her resignation as Prime Minister of India, and I guess none too soon. For many years I thought she was a tremendous woman and I believe that basically she did a great deal for her country, but seemed to lose hold in the last few years and made some very unwise decisions. Then tried to put her son in and from all we hear in the newspapers, he is sort of a nincompoop. But he lost also, so the Ghandi reign seems to be over.

Governor Scott Matheson is having a hard time making up his mind whether to veto the abortion law passed y the legislature. They passed this law that women on welfare cannot have an abortion unless the life of the Mother or baby is in danger. We have been putting out thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars for welfare recipients to have abortions. If he vetoes the law, I’m sure he will come in for a great deal of condemnation, and in my opinion he should. I do not have a very high regard for him anyway, and not just because he’s a Democrat. I’m not that much of a dyed in the wool Republican. In fact, I voted the third time for Governor Rampton and felt that he was an excellent governor.